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i used to be a really smart kid who was “going places” but now i just cry a lot and eat all the food in the fridge

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when rape is the girls fault 

  • when she is the rapist 

when rape is the guys fault 

  • when he is the rapist 

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I have a really big crush on this guy at my school, but I don’t know how to get close to him… Got any tips?

see what I love is that by the end, you can tell that Ben realizes what terrible advice he’s just given. But he still goes through with it.

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Me: *clicks on “If I Didn’t Darlin” by Rueben Hudson*

Me: Hoooly shit.

Me: *cries*

Me: *clicks on “Sixteen”

Me: Wow holy fuck this is amazing.

Me: Aww. Look at that smile.

Me: *clicks on his channel*


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For Seeking-Further-Illumination.

I don’t subscribe to the opinion that Bea and Ben got together after “Idiots” or “Words”. I think that Ben is just trying to be a friend and bringing his own feelings into the mix would be kind of douchey, considering the circumstances.

When Beatrice sees Claudio and Pedro in Ben’s thumbnail, bile rises in her throat. What the hell?

When she hears Pedro spewing hate and lies she almost throws her laptop.

When Beatrice watches the video, when she sees Ben stand up to his friends face to face, sees the anger and pain etched in his features…Her breath catches.

When the video ends she goes back and watches the videos she filmed with Ben.

When she finally notices the way he’s looking at her, she smiles.

When she realizes he hadn’t made any of those feelings particularly obvious, she almost cries.

Ben. It’s always been Ben.

When she shows up at his door, she forgets what she was going to say.

When she kisses him he tastes like Earl Grey and cinnamon and it’s electric and it feels like it’s burning her lips and she wonders why they hadn’t done it sooner.

Things are so messed up right now, Ben…”

"I love you, Bea, more than Doctor Who, even."

"Oh, oh good. Glad to know know I’m more important that Doctor Who."

You know what I mean.”

She does know what he means.


Hope you liked it, Seeking-Further-Illumination!

This is like the nicest thing anyone has created for me. I might start crying.

Thank you thetenthdoctormccoy!!!!

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"She knows him better than anybody.
                    Stephen Amell

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 (draco’s apple)

Hey awkward-manatea, it’s pretty simple:

Step 1: Highlight the entire text of the tags, then copy it.

Step 2: Paste the tags in your new post

Step 3: Credit the original tagger

Like so…

sorry i don’t know how to properly put the previous person’s tags into the text sorry draco’s apple (if anyone explains this to me I’d be really grateful) (via awkward-manatea)

Hope this helps.

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I was honestly surprised at the level of aggression. I thought it would be higher. Like I expected an explanation point. And a “you know who you are”. She must be utterly exhausted if this is the level of aggression. Poor Bea. It will get better. I promise.

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Actual thoughts on “Hero” this time.

First of all, I find it interesting that this video is unedited. Bea is speaking directly to the camera the whole time - all her ums and pauses and staring-off-to-the-side bits are included. It’s a brilliant move for an intimate video like this one, but I’m wondering if there’s any in-story explanation. Was this filmed quickly? Was someone else filming? The camera angle is also odd… Bea looks especially vulnerable by looking upwards at the camera and not head-on as she normally frames her shots. And why such a close frame? To hide the other people on the bed?

Question 2: Who was Bea looking at? I know a lot of people want it to be Ben or Ursula, but I think the most likely option is actually Hero. Assuming she is not actually so ill as to be in the hospital (and this is my assumption, which may be completely debunked…), she would likely be in her room while Bea is filming. It honestly doesn’t matter. The point is the subtle reference to the fact that this event is not uncoordinated. The play plan is in place, even if it looks very different.

I like that the “Hero is dead” theory is now thoroughly squashed. Good job Ursula. I’m also assuming (from Bea’s comment in the video description) that she has spoken to either Claudio or Pedro directly - it would make sense that they’d try to contact her after hearing the rumors. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they respond over the next ten days.

I don’t want to speculate as to what might happen now, but I do want to emphasize how much I’m enjoying this progression. I also love the blurring of the fourth wall by having an actual live meeting then! Too bad it’s going to be Rosh Hashana. And on the other side of the world. Oh well. :)

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so does anybody who is fortunate enough to be able to go to the thing in Auckland want to take a list of the urls of the users who live too far away? 

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